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Secured loans NZ

Did you know that you can use your car, boat or caravan to help you access credit?

With a secured loan, you must sign over an asset as security. This asset acts as a guarantee that you will make your repayments. If you don’t, the lender may take steps to repossess the asset.

So, why apply for a secured loan? Well, there are two key benefits.

First, lenders may be willing to offer larger loan amounts if it’s secured, often at lower rates too.

Second, if you’ve got bad credit, securing the loan may make lenders more willing to extend you finance.

With Monzi NZ, you can apply for secured personal loans from $300 to $10,000. We can potentially match you with a great lender in just 60 minutes.

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Secured vs unsecured loan: what’s the difference?

In short, there’s one major difference.

With a secured loan, the borrower must attach an asset as security. This security is said to ‘guarantee’ the loan. In the event that the borrower fails to make their repayments, the lender may take steps to repossess the asset in order to recover their losses.

Obviously, with an unsecured loan, there are no such requirements.

Security can take many forms, however, commonly used assets include cars, boats and caravans.

Secured loans may also be offered with lower interest rates or fees compared to unsecured loans given that the loan is guaranteed. This, however, is not certain and will be at the discretion of your lender.

Secured loan NZ: Monzi’s lender-finder service can help

Hi, we’re Monzi NZ. We’re a lender-finder service who might be able to make finding loans online a little easier.

In short, our job is to match everyday kiwi borrowers with a range of top-notch lenders.

As you may or may not know, these days, lenders are dime-a-dozen. Do a quick search and you’ll be shocked at the range of options on offer.

While having options is never a bad thing, if you’re not sure what to look for, it can be difficult to decide on a lender.

With Monzi NZ, there’s no need to worry. Simply submit one easy application and we will try to pair you with one of our great lenders who is available and willing to assess your application.

As a guide, examples of loans potentially offered by Monzi NZ’s lenders are listed in the table below.

Secured personal loanAmount (NZD)Approved
Secured loans bad credit$2,100
No credit check secured loans NZ$3,000
Bad credit secured loans guaranteed approval$5,000

Secured personal loan bad credit

If you’ve got bad credit, you’re probably aware of how lenders react. More often than not, lenders will classify you as a default risk and be unwilling to offer you finance.

However, times are changing. With the new wave of non-traditional, online lenders who may offer easy loans, bad credit is becoming less of an issue.

Rather than focusing solely on your bad credit, lenders may assess your budget too in order to determine if the repayments would be affordable for you.

Best of all, if you’ve got bad credit, securing your loan can lead to lower fees or interest rates. Or, in some cases, it may make you eligible for finance you previously couldn’t access.

So, if you’re seeking cash loans for bad credit, don’t hesitate to apply with Monzi NZ. We may be able to pair you with an available lender who understands that your credit history isn’t necessarily everything.

No credit check secured loans NZ

While we cannot guarantee it, it may be possible to get a secured personal loan without a credit check.

Lenders use credit checks to assess your credit history. In short, your reliability as a borrower.

However, credit checks aren’t always required. In fact, some lenders may be willing to forego a credit check and instead focus their assessment on your income and expenses.

Keep in mind though that not all lenders will offer loans without a credit check. As a result, it will simply come down to the assessment policy of the lender that you are paired with.

Personal loan secured to cover a range of expenses

If you’re securing a personal loan that often means you’re borrowing a hefty sum. With Monzi NZ, you can potentially borrow up to $10,000.

All the lenders we work with offer a range of loan products so we might have you covered no matter what your expense is.

Common reasons for applying with Monzi NZ include:

  • Car repairs
  • Household maintenance
  • Bills: utilities, medical, vet, etc.
  • Travel and holiday loans
  • New technology or furniture
  • Car loans
  • Debt consolidation

What can I use as security?

In order to secure a personal loan, you’ll need to have an asset that meets the lender’s requirements.

While securing your loan with an asset can potentially help you access more favourable terms (i.e. lower interest rate), it can be risky. After all, if you default on your repayments then the lender may take steps to repossess your asset.

In any case, assets you may be able to use as security include:

  • Personal vehicles
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Home equity
  • Other valuables (e.g. jewellery, collectibles or art)

This is by no means a complete list. Other assets may be eligible, however, you will need to confirm this with your lender.

How does repossession work?

If you’re going to put up an asset as security then it’s important to understand the repossess process.

While in a perfect world you would consistently make your required repayments, things can go wrong.

As such, it’s crucial to understand your rights.

So, let’s take a look.

Before repossession

When it comes to repossession, kiwi borrowers have rights that are protected by law. More specifically, the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA).

In short, it details your rights and the steps that must be taken for a lender to begin the repossession process.

These steps include:

  • Repossession notices must state the nature of the default and give the borrower at least 15 days to remedy the issue.
  • The lender cannot repossess the asset unless the borrower is in default or they have reasonable grounds to believe that the asset is at risk.

The repossession

Strict protocol exists when it comes to repossession. In order to comply, lenders must take the following steps:

  • Ensure that your property is not damaged during the process.
  • Provide adequate and protected storage.
  • Must only enter your property from 6am to 9pm Monday-Saturday.

What happens after?

Repossession is the worst case scenario. However, as a borrower, you still have rights.

After seizing your assets, lenders are required to do the following:

  • The lender must issue a post-possession order. This gives the borrower 15 days to reinstate the credit agreement (e.g. pay back the missed repayments) or pay-off the balance of the loan.
  • The asset cannot be sold until this notice expires.

For further details and information on how the repossession process works, visit the New Zealand Commerce Commission website. It may contain all the information that you need to know.

Can I get a secured payday loan?

Potentially, however, it will be up to the lender. Moreover, Monzi NZ cannot provide any guarantee either way.

Typically, payday lenders offer unsecured loans for small amounts. These payday loans typically have rapid repayment periods (as short as a few weeks) and interest rates are often sky-high. They’re a short-term commitment designed to get you cash ASAP.

At Monzi, we typically don’t associate with payday lenders. Instead, we work with lenders offering personal loans.

These lenders offer a range of products with both secured and unsecured options. Furthermore, the longer repayment periods and lower rates can make them a more manageable option.

Monzi NZ’s eligibility criteria

You must check four boxes before you apply with Monzi. See below:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have a current, active mobile number and email address.
  • Received a regular income for the three months preceding your application.

Monzi NZ’s three-step application process

Monzi NZ makes it easy to apply. We only ask for the necessary details so you can potentially submit your application in minutes.

All you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Apply: decide how much you wish to borrow and your ideal repayment period. Next, provide the required personal details and hit ‘submit’.
  2. Search: once we have your application our automated system gets to work. It aims to pair you with an available lender willing to assess your claim. Apply during business hours and you can potentially receive an outcome in just 60 minutes.
  3. Outcome: stay by your phone because we’ll be in touch to let you know the result of our search. In the event that you are successfully paired with a lender, they will contact you in order to conduct an assessment.

Does a secured personal loan come with a low interest rate?

Some lenders may offer secured loans with a lower interest rate. This is due to the fact that the loan is “guaranteed.”

In other words, as the lender has an avenue to recover their losses (i.e. repossession) there is less risk that the loan won’t be repaid. Given this, they may be able to offer lower interest rates on these loans.

However, this will not always hold true. All lenders are different and as such, interest rates offered on unsecured and secured loans do vary.

As a result, it’s important to do your research before agreeing to any loan.

How do I get a secured personal loan?

One simple way is to apply with Monzi NZ.

Our lender-finder can potentially match you with a great lender in just 60 minutes. Applying only takes a few minutes. Just provide the details we need and let our automated system take over.

It will scan through our lender-network to try and find a credit provider available and willing to assess your claim.

In short, it may be the simple way to find lenders online.

However, keep in mind that while it’s possible to access quick loans through Monzi NZ, applications received outside normal business hours can encounter delays.

What are the risks with secured personal loans?

Secured loans can help provide the cash you need to manage a short-term cash shortfall. They can also be a handy option for individuals with bad credit who are struggling to find a willing credit provider.

However, they are not without risk.

The first, and most obvious risk is repossession. Default on your repayments and the security listed in your loan contract may be repossessed to cover the outstanding costs.

Following on from this, managing your loans poorly (i.e. defaulting) can result in damage to your credit score, debt spirals or even bankruptcy.

So, before you begin, make sure that you have a clear idea of your financial situation. Understand what you can afford to repay to ensure you can manage your loan comfortably.

Is it easier to get a secured personal loan than an unsecured loan?

More often than not, lenders prefer to offer secured loans. Why?

Well, it’s simple. A secured loan means that the loan is guaranteed. In other words, it is highly likely that the lender will always recover the amount they have lent whether through scheduled repayments or asset repossession.

In saying that, being able to secure your loan may depend on the amount you are looking to borrow. Small loans are often offered without the requirement of security. However, this may vary between lenders.

Can you get a secured personal loan with bad credit?


In fact, if you’ve got bad credit then being willing to secure your loan with an asset can help you qualify for finance with some lenders.

Moreover, bad credit loans often come with higher interest rates or fees. By agreeing to a secured loan you may be offered a loan with more favourable terms for you.

So, if you’re seeking bad credit secured loans, consider Monzi NZ. We may be able to match you with an available lender willing to take on your poor credit history.

Best of all, if you apply during business hours, these lenders will try to work fast with the aim to provide you with a quick outcome.

However, always remember that not all lenders will be comfortable offering quick bad credit loans. As a result, approval may depend on the lender that you’re paired with.

Secured car loan NZ

Keen to upgrade to a new set of wheels? Monzi NZ might be able to help.

We know a handful of lenders who offer secured car loans.

In short, you get the cash you need to buy your new car while the car acts as the security on your loan. Simple.

Apply today and you can potentially borrow up to $10,000 to put towards your purchase. You might be cruising the streets behind the wheel of your new car before you know it.

Before reaching an agreement

If you are approved for a loan by one of Monzi NZ’s great lenders then you will be sent a digital loan contract. Make sure you read it carefully before signing it.

The contract will detail all of the repayments, fees, rates and charges associated with your loan. This information is crucial to ensure you don’t encounter any hidden surprises down the line.

Furthermore, for a variety of reasons, the cash loan you are offered can differ from the loan that you applied for. So, don’t make any assumptions. Read your contract to ensure you know exactly how much you are borrowing and what you are required to repay.

Is my information safe with Monzi?

Of course.

We understand that in today’s digital age it’s natural to have concerns about sharing your personal details. To give you peace of mind, Monzi NZ has partnered with two internet security giants: Comodo and McAfee.

That means your information is safe, secured and encrypted. You can rest assured knowing that your personal details are safe with Monzi NZ.

Why was my secured personal loan application denied?

Unfortunately, Monzi NZ cannot say why your application was denied.

This is due to the fact that we do not conduct assessments. Once you’ve been paired with a lender, we are not privy to any further details.

As a result, for an explanation you will need to contact your lender directly. They may then be able to inform you of the reason.

In any case, one unsuccessful application today does not mean that you will be ineligible to apply with Monzi NZ in the future. If you are able to turn your financial situation around, you are more than welcome to apply again.

Contact us

If you’ve got questions about Monzi or what our process involves, you’re more than welcome to reach out. We’re always willing to answer questions that you may have. Drop us a line at and we’ll do what we can to get back to you promptly.

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Two credit cards
Two credit cards

Here are some costs you may incur if Monzi is able to match you with a lender today.

Loan amount

$300 - $10,000


12 months to 24 months


Interest Rate between 1.5% and 20% per month

$2,500 repaid over 13 months would have 56 weekly repayments of $75.05. Total interest $1702.80. Total amount repayable $4,202.80. This example is based on a monthly interest rate of 9% and an AIR of 108%.

WARNING: This is a repayment estimate only. Your lender will determine the exact fees, terms and loan amounts available for you, which may alter your repayments. Annualised Interest Rates (AIR) could be as high as 292% depending on your personal situation.
Note, your lender may offer you different terms, fees or loan amounts based on your individual circumstances, needs and their own lending criteria. Please check your contract before signing