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Loans NZ could be a quick and convenient way to get extra cash in your account. More specifically, if you need to cover an unexpected expense, or are planning something special, a personal loan may be an option. Monzi NZ may be able to match you with a credit provider than might be able to offer the loan you’re looking for.

Monzi NZ is a lender-finding service. We do not offer financial advice. Consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information and ideas presented on this website relate to your unique circumstances.

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Loans NZ simplified

Tne one truism of life: things never go to plan. It seems it’s plain sailing one day, then stormy seas the next. Therefore, when you run into rough financial waters, you need a lighthouse to guide you home.

Finding the right financial help, however, can be confusing and even overwhelming. After all, if you’re in a tight financial spot, it can be difficult to know who to turn to. This is where Monzi NZ may be able to help.

Monzi NZ is a lender-finder financial service that aims to pair everyday Kiwis up with quality credit providers offering personal loans. As a result, Kiwi consumers no longer have to spend hours online trawling through different lenders and filling out multiple applications.

In short, Monzi NZ means one application, one lender and one easy way to find finance online.

Monzi NZ understands

Despite being 100% online, on the other side of your Monzi NZ screen is a person just like you! Therefore, we understand what it’s like to live in this modern world.

In other words, we understand what it’s like trying to keep up with the endless expenses that life throws at you. In addition, we know how awkward and uncomfortable it can be approaching your friends and family for a loan.

If you have a poor credit record as well, securing finance from a traditional lender like a bank may prove to be difficult. Then, panicked consumers may start considering applying with not-so-reputable credit providers.

Monzi NZ’s lender-finder service may be a great way to cut through the stress and hassle. In short, we’ll do our best to try and match you with a lender that may be able to offer the NZ loans you’re looking for.

Simple, streamlined and straightforward loans NZ

In essence, Monzi NZ acts as a bridge between you and a potential lender. However, we wanted our lender-finder service to be so much more than that.

In particular, we made it our mission to create a platform that was not only easy to use but also convenient and intuitive. Therefore, the entire Monzi NZ process has been designed to make finding a lender the easiest thing you might do all week.

Gone are the days of wasting hours online looking for a lender, or spending half your day in a queue or filling out paperwork. Instead, Monzi NZ’s 100% online lender-finder service may be able to pair you with a lender in no time.

Looking for easy loans NZ? Monzi NZ might be able to match you with a potential lender.

Lenders for any occasion

We understand people need credit for all sorts of reasons; from a quick cash fix to something with a little more oomph. In short, the reasons for needing credit are as diverse as the borrowers themselves.

As a result, Monzi NZ may be able to match you with a lender potentially offering personal loans of up to $10,000!

In addition, many Kiwi consumers enjoy the flexibility personal loans can offer. In short, you can use your personal loan as cash loans. Below is a list of some of the popular reasons Monzi NZ clients have used their loans for.

Loans NZPersonal loans NZ
Bad credit loans NZNo credit check loans NZ
Car repairsWhite goods
Rental bondTravel costs

The above table, however, is for demonstrative purposes only. In other words, the terms presented do not, in any way, reflect the kind of loan you may be approved for in the future.

How to compare loans NZ?

Not all lenders are built the same. In particular, there are certain differences between lenders that consumers should be aware of. In short, consumers should weigh up what they are looking for in a lender, and make their decision accordingly.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for lenders online:

  • Interest rate. The interest rate is how much on top of the principal you will pay. In addition, pay attention to whether the interest rate is fixed or variable.
  • Loan amounts. In other words, what are the minimum and maximum loan amounts available? Does the amount you need fall between the minimum and maximum?
  • Fees and charges. You may be charged upfront and ongoing additional fees on top of your interest rate, like an establishment fee. Therefore, consult the comparison rate to get a better idea of the true cost of your loan.
  • Extra features. Your lender may offer additional features you find useful; for example, an early repayment option.

What not to do

Looking for loans online can be confusing, especially if you don’t have a strong financial background. A lender-finder service like Monzi NZ, however, may make everything so much simpler.

This being said, there are still some common mistakes you should try and avoid:

  • Lying about your reason for applying. In short, be upfront with your lender about why you need the loan.
  • Debt spirals. This can become an issue if you are taking out new loans to consolidate existing debt. In short, aim to pay off your existing debts without taking out new credit.
  • Unlicensed lenders. Always make sure you’re dealing with a credit provider licensed with the Financial Market Authority. However, when you use Monzi NZ, you will not have to worry about this.
  • Being unaware of fees. Always be aware of all the fees and charges associated with your loan.

Small cash loans NZ

Monzi NZ understands not everybody is looking for a large loan. Moreover, we understand a lot of Kiwis out there just need a little extra financial helping hand to see them through to the end of the week.

Therefore, Monzi NZ has a wide network of lenders that may be able to offer small loans.

A direct debit will then be set up from your account, and repayments will be deducted automatically over an agreed-upon period of time. Your repayment terms will vary depending on the lender.

Fast loans NZ – when you need quick cash!

While not everybody needs cash for an emergency, there are still those of us that do. Monzi NZ realises that when people search for quick loans, they mean it.

That’s why we’ve designed our entire process to be as fast and speedy as possible. When you apply, for example, we’ll only ask for essential information. Therefore, you may be able to complete the submission form in minutes.

Additionally, we employ some of the latest in safe banking technology, to keep our application process simple, easy and 100% paperwork free.

Am I eligible for loans NZ?

As we’re sure you’ve gathered, we want to help as many Kiwis as we can match with a potential lender. Therefore, we’ve kept our eligibility criteria as open as possible.

So, before getting started with Monzi NZ, just make sure you meet the below criteria.

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Received a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 90 days.
  • Have a direct contact number and email address.

Consumers that meet all of the above criteria are eligible to use Monzi NZ’s lender-finder service.

Keep in mind, individual credit providers may have their own lending criteria you will need to meet.

How do I get started?

Potentially matching with a lender has never been easier. Monzi NZ may be able to introduce you to your future credit provider in three easy steps. Interested in how it all works? We will explain the process below.

Step One – Apply online

Get started by scrolling up to the loan slider at the top of the page. Next, select the amount you’d like to borrow, as well as your ideal repayment terms. Once you are happy with your selections, click Apply Now.

Any repayment estimations provided by the loan slider are just that – estimations. The lender you’re paired with may offer different terms.

Step Two – Kick back

This is where we take over. We’ll compile your information into an application, and try our best to match you with a potential lender.

In short, our automated system scans through different lenders to try and find a credit provider that fits your individual circumstances and objectives.

Step Three – Meet your new lender

We’ll let you know of the outcome via text and email. Generally, you should receive an outcome within 60 minutes of applying. This is, however, dependent on applying during normal business hours, as well as the individual application.

If we are successfully able to pair you with a lender, they’ll get in contact directly. Lenders will conduct an assessment of your application and will send through a digital loan contract if they’re able to make an offer. Make sure you confirm the total amount offered to you, as well as the loan terms.

Bad credit loans guaranteed approval NZ – too good to be true?

While having your loan application guaranteed to be approved sounds like a great and convenient option, it may not be a great idea. More specifically, lenders are required by law to conduct some level of assessment on applications, as part of the lender responsibility principles.

For example, before offering a loan contract, credit providers are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • the borrower’s needs and objectives are met; and
  • the borrower or guarantor will be able to afford the loan repayments without significant financial hardship.

Therefore, there is a chance lenders that ignore these requirements are less-reputable, or potentially even a scam.

What do lenders assess?

Credit providers will need to confirm that you will be able to afford your loan repayments without any significant hardship. Hardship, in particular, refers to whether a borrower will be able to afford their repayments, as well as all necessities and other financial commitments without undue stress.

Necessities include things like accommodation, food, electricity, transport, phone and required medical costs. In addition, other financial commitments can include things like repayments on existing debts or child support payments.

Therefore, to confirm your suitability for the loan product, credit providers are likely to ask you questions about:

  • Your income (when you get paid, how regularly, how long have you been employed etc.).
  • Your expenses (rent, food, childcare, debts etc.).
  • Credit history.
  • Will you be in a position to repay the loan.

Unsure about loans NZ?

We understand the world of online lending can be overwhelming at times; it’s not hard to see why. After all, taking out an unsuitable credit contract may have some pretty negative effects on not only your credit score but can also send stress levels through the roof.

Luckily, lenders are required by law to provide consumers with a disclosure document. A disclosure document includes important information about a loan product. In addition, credit providers must also help consumers understand their loan.

Understanding the loan, more specifically, refers to the lender:

  • Clearly outlining the key points of the loan contract (i.e. circling key features of the contract while explaining them). This can include the repayment term of the loan, fixed interest rate, additional fees etc.
  • Provide the consumer with sufficient time to consider the loan.
  • Provide access to an interpreter or relevant information in a language other than English.

Before taking out a loan

Credit providers will take steps to ensure a credit contract is suitable for the consumer. Consumers, however, also have a responsibility to consider whether a loan is suitable for them. After all, nobody understands your own situation better than yourself.

Therefore, before applying for any credit, make sure you’ve asked yourself the following questions:

  • What will this cost me?
  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • What will the regular repayments look like?
  • Are the interest and fees affordable?
  • What happens if I fail to make a repayment?
  • What happens if I cannot repay the loan?
  • How long will it take me to fully pay off the loan?

Quick and convenient cash for Kiwis

People who search online for quick loans or fast loans NZ are probably looking for just that – loans that move quickly. After all, many borrowers find themselves applying for credit online because they need cash in their account pronto!

Both Monzi NZ and our network of lenders understand this. As a result, we’ve aimed to keep our lender-finder process as simple and as streamlined as possible. Therefore, when you apply, we cut through the unnecessary rigamarole and only ask for essential information.

In short, consumers should be able to lodge an application with Monzi NZ in mere minutes. From there, our automated system will get to work trying to match your application with a potential lender.

When will I have access to my cash?

As the lender-finder, Monzi NZ cannot guarantee when you will have access to your cash. After all, lenders may all vary in terms of their processing policies etc.

In general, however, your credit provider will be able to begin transferring your funds after you’ve approved your contract. From there, access to funds will be dependent on inter-bank transfer times.

Payday vs personal loans NZ – what’s the difference?

In many ways, payday and personal loans may seem quite similar. There are, however, a few key differences between the two.

Namely, the repayment terms offered by payday lenders are often much shorter than those of personal loans. Couple a short repayment term with a high-cost loan, and you could find the regular repayments on payday loans bad credit NZ to be unmanageable. Personal loans, on the other hand, often offer longer and potentially more flexible repayment terms.

In addition, payday lenders may charge harsh penalty fees for late repayments. This may lead to some consumers getting caught in a cycle of taking out new payday loans.

Finally, if you’re considering applying for payday loans no credit check no paperwork NZ, consider instead a personal loan.

Will Monzi NZ perform a credit check on my application?

People who search for no credit check loans may feel their credit record is so poor, they will be unable to be approved for a normal loan. While, admittedly, poor credit may get between you and approval with some lenders, not all credit providers are the same.

Keep in mind, as the lender-finder, Monzi NZ will not perform a credit check on your application. Instead, Monzi NZ simply compiles your information into an application and aims to pass this application on to a potential lender.

Conducting a credit check is part of each lender’s individual policies. As a result, Monzi NZ cannot guarantee whether or not the lender you’re paired with will conduct a credit check.

Bad credit welcomed

While traditional lenders like banks and credit unions are less likely to offer bad credit loans, Monzi may know a few lenders who do things a little differently.

When Kiwis use Monzi NZ’s lender-finder service, a few financial mistakes in the past aren’t the be-all and end-all. In other words, a couple of blemishes on your credit report won’t automatically disqualify you from approval.

How is this possible? Well, both Monzi NZ and the lenders we work with employ some of the latest in online banking technology to access a read-only copy of the last 90 days of your bank statements. Therefore, lenders can quickly and safely get a good idea of your income and expenses, as well as how you’ve been handling your other commitments.

In short, lenders will look to confirm your ability to handle the loan’s commitments. Therefore, if they can see your regular income will comfortably be able to cover your regular living expenses as well as your new repayments, you may be considered for approval.

Keep in mind, however, approval always rests with the individual lender themselves.

Flexible repayments

Monzi NZ may be able to pair you with a lender that might be able to offer short term loans. You may, however, be wondering exactly how short repayment terms actually are? In short, it depends on a few factors.

The size of the loan, as well as the lender themselves, can all affect the repayment terms offered to you. In general, however, the repayment terms offered by credit providers are listed below.

$300 to $2,000 – 12 months.

$2,100 to $10,000 – 13 to 24 months.

Keep in mind, the above information is a guide only. The actual repayment terms of your loan may vary depending on the lender you’re paired with.

Unsecured loans NZ

If you borrow $2,000 or under, you will be taking out an unsecured loan. In other words, you will not need to provide an asset to be used as security.

Therefore, these smart little personal loans could be a great option for covering an unexpected expense!

If you apply for a larger personal loan, you may be required to attach an asset as security. Lenders may be able to accept your car, motorbike, caravan or boat as collateral.

What happens if I can’t afford my repayments?

Unfortunately, consumers will be charged a fee for failing to make a repayment. Moreover, these fees should be outlined in your contract. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what these fees are before approving your contract.

If you feel like you are going to miss an upcoming repayment, or fear you’re going to be paid late, get in contact with your lender. In general, if you give your lender enough notice, you may be able to reach an understanding.

Responsible lending

Monzi NZ understands the world of loans NZ can be confusing at times. Moreover, if you are desperate to get your hands on some cash to cover an unexpected expense, it may be difficult to know which lenders are legitimate and which aren’t.

When you use our lender-finder service, however, we make things a little easier for you. In short, you can rest assured Monzi NZ will only match you up with a reputable and licensed credit provider.

Benefits of using Monzi NZ

It’s no secret that a convenient lender-finder service like Monzi NZ could make your life a little easier. However, there are so many additional benefits to using Monzi NZ.

  • Easy application form. Consumers can complete and submit their application form in minutes.
  • Loan calculator. The loan slider located at the top of each page lets consumers get a rough idea of what their loan may cost.
  • Fast processing times. Our automated system gets to work quickly after you click submit. If you apply during normal business hours, you may receive an outcome within 60 minutes.
  • Online support. While we are 100% online, we haven’t lost touch of the human element. Therefore, if you have any questions, our customer service team can be reached at We will always aim to reply as soon as we are back in the office.
  • Understanding lenders. Over time, we’ve built up a strong network of trusted lenders. In particular, these lenders understand borrowers are so much more than a poor credit record.

Let’s get started

Are you ready to meet your new lender? Start your application with our loan slider.

Have an issue with Monzi NZ or one of our lenders? Learn more about our dispute resolution policy.

Find out about Monzi NZ’s website policy and acknowledgement & consent.

Factor In


Two credit cards
Two credit cards

Here are some costs you may incur if Monzi is able to match you with a lender today.

Loan amount

$300 - $10,000


12 months to 24 months


Interest Rate between 1.5% and 20% per month

$2,500 repaid over 13 months would have 56 weekly repayments of $75.05. Total interest $1702.80. Total amount repayable $4,202.80. This example is based on a monthly interest rate of 9% and an AIR of 108%.

WARNING: This is a repayment estimate only. Your lender will determine the exact fees, terms and loan amounts available for you, which may alter your repayments. Annualised Interest Rates (AIR) could be as high as 292% depending on your personal situation.
Note, your lender may offer you different terms, fees or loan amounts based on your individual circumstances, needs and their own lending criteria. Please check your contract before signing