Acknowledgement & Consent

Monzi NZ (“we”/”us”/”our”) is a trading name of Jacaranda Finance Pty Ltd, Company Number 6316190, NZBN 9429046232175, FSP 558806. Monzi NZ provides referral and lead services between consumers and credit providers, credit brokers and other referrers.

I understand that by completing an application form that Monzi NZ will collect, use, hold and disclose my information as outlined in the Privacy Policy, which I declare that I have read and understood.

I understand that if I am referred to another credit provider, credit broker or another referrer, these parties may collect, use, disclose and hold other information about me. I understand that I should refer to the privacy policy of any parties I am referred to.

Collection of information

I consent to Monzi NZ collecting personal and credit information from me. I understand that if I do not provide all information that is requested from me Monzi NZ may be unable to provide me with their services. I also understand that if any of my personal information should change, such as residential address, phone number, email address, etc, it is my responsibility to advise Monzi NZ of this.

Use of information

I consent to Monzi NZ collecting my information for the purposes of referring me to credit providers, credit brokers and other referrers who may be able to assist me apply for credit. I also consent to Monzi NZ using my information for related secondary purposes, such as:

  • customer service requests including servicing queries, providing access to and updating personal information and resolving complaints and disputes;
  • gathering information and statistical data to analyse and evaluate business functions;
  • complying with legal requirements under various acts such as the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, the Privacy Act 1988 and the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006;
  • developing our service offerings and improving overall business processes and efficiency.

Disclosure of information

I consent to Monzi NZ disclosing my personal information to provide me with their referral and marketing services, and any other related purpose as outlined above, on an ongoing basis to:

  • credit providers, credit brokers and other referrers, for any of the purposes for which I have provided consent to Monzi NZ. I understand this information may be disclosed to other service providers for a fee.
  • Monzi NZ’s auditors, contractors, agents, insurers, financiers and lawyers.
  • any other persons or entities who you have consented to.

I understand my information may also be disclosed in other circumstances outlined in Monzi NZ’s privacy policy.

I understand Monzi NZ may, in the ordinary course of our business, disclose my credit information to third parties which operate in the United States of America and while these parties may not, therefore, be subject to New Zealand Privacy Law, no person in those countries will be able to access my credit eligibility information without my express consent.

Exchange of Information with Other Providers

I understand that by providing my consent to exchange my information with credit providers, credit brokers, other referrers and other service providers, this information may be sold to them or disclosed for a fee. The amount of the fee would be determined on referral. I understand where my information is exchanged, it is being exchanged for any of the purposes for which I have consented to Monzi NZ, including offering me products and/or services.

I understand that by providing my consent to exchange my information with credit providers, credit brokers, other referrers and other service providers, I am consenting to Monzi NZ exchanging all of my application information, such as my identification details, what type of loans I have, how much I have borrowed, whether I have met my loan payment obligations and if I have committed a serious credit infringement (for example, fraud).

Promotion of Products and Services

I consent to being contacted by Monzi NZ, and any external third parties or agents who act on their behalf, for the purposes of the promotion of products and services. I understand Monzi NZ may promote the products of their marketing partners. I understand that I may withdraw my consent and request not to receive promotional communications at any time by contacting Monzi NZ.

Electronic Communications

I consent to receive all communications, information and documents, where possible, from Monzi NZ through electronic communications, including but not limited to:

  • requests for information regarding credit applications and contract variation requests;
  • disclosure documents such as credit guides and information statements, copy of
    assessments, credit contract documents, variations of these and credit contract offers;
  • notices, such as missed payment notices, default notices, final notices, settlement notices and account statements;
  • marketing materials and promotions;
  • any other communications, information, or documents that must or will be provided to you or which you have requested.

I understand that by giving consent to receiving electronic communications;

  • communications may be sent via any electronic means, such as SMS and email;
  • electronic media should be regularly checked for communications, information and documents;
  • it is my responsibility to ensure the security of my electronic communications;
  • paper-based documents may no longer be given;
  • consent to the giving of documents by electronic communication may be withdrawn at any time.

Commercial Electronic Messages

I understand that under the Spam Act 2003, Monzi NZ may not communicate with me via commercial electronic messages unless I provide my consent. I consent to Monzi NZ communicating with me via commercial electronic messages (email, SMS, fax) to provide me with convenient and fast communications.

Electronic Bank Statement Retrieval

I understand that by using an electronic bank statement retrieval solution, such as that provided by and Credit Sense, I am using these service at my own risk. I understand that by using such as service, I consent to them having read-only access to my bank account transaction data and for this data to be provided to Monzi NZ and any credit providers, credit brokers and other referrers that Monzi NZ refers me to. I understand that the transaction data supplied may include transactions from the previous 12 months from all available accounts. I acknowledge that before using these services, I have read and agreed to their User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies.


I declare that I have read and understood this Acknowledgement and Consent document and that I acknowledge, authorise and consent to all the terms that it sets out.

Factor In


Two credit cards
Two credit cards

Here are some costs you may incur if Monzi is able to match you with a lender today.

Loan amount

$300 - $10,000


12 months to 24 months


Interest Rate between 1.5% and 20% per month

$2,500 repaid over 13 months would have 56 weekly repayments of $75.05. Total interest $1702.80. Total amount repayable $4,202.80. This example is based on a monthly interest rate of 9% and an AIR of 108%.

WARNING: This is a repayment estimate only. Your lender will determine the exact fees, terms and loan amounts available for you, which may alter your repayments. Annualised Interest Rates (AIR) could be as high as 292% depending on your personal situation.
Note, your lender may offer you different terms, fees or loan amounts based on your individual circumstances, needs and their own lending criteria. Please check your contract before signing